Magick cover

I’m trying to work out the cover for my next novel Magick… I know I’m nowhere near finishing it, but I just feel as if I would be more settled if I had an image attached to it… even if it’s only in my head!

Magick is the surname of a family, nothing to do with actual magic at all. I think I want an image with a door, or a doorway or an entrance… I’ve taken plenty of them! I think it should be a rather decrepit door, or something which looks slightly menacing… something which conceals secrets…



One Comment

  1. seascapesaus

    The first image speaks to me of history, humble beginnings and mystery. It could be menacing, but perhaps needs a symbolic (rusted) object closer to the viewer. The second is too busy. Perhaps the pile of stones/bricks closer up to show the passage of time/decay?


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