Throwing stuff away

I have taken my courage and determination in both hands, and I have been going through my books, CDs, DVDs, tapes… and actually getting rid of things which I have hung on to for no particular reason. I’m not just throwing them in the rubbish, they will go to a charity bookshop which will raise money for a deserving cause and also give pleasure to whoever buys the item. No doubt I shall go into the charity shop and by another book/CD/DVD etc… but only one compared to the hundred or so items I have donated.

An idea I had for one of my stories that an old book, probably a cookery book would be bought from a charity or second-hand shop, and in it there would be notes made years and years ago, maybe during the war or before the war, and the notes would tell a story, or part of a story of a family… that should have been one of the plot-lines in ‘Magick’ but it hasn’t appeared… maybe, just maybe that means there is a third book waiting to be written about a genealogical mystery?


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