Calm waters

When recently in Somerset we were inundated by terrible floods, unprecedented in recent times, Dutch engineers were called in to help, bringing with them mighty pumps to take the toxic waters off the low-lying pastures and farmlands. The levels in Somerset, and the Fens in Cambridgeshire where I was born and brought up, have many things in common with the Netherlands, but maybe topography is the most apparent. Managing water, at all times of the year is always a challenge; the Dutch manage it magnificently, we used to, but for a variety of reasons, many political and financial, we no longer seem to be able to cope with natural forces when they come upon us unexpectedly.

“Bridge over troubled Waters” by Simon and Garfunkel is a gorgeous song, and with all respect to Simon and Garfunkel, in my opinion the following is the best ever version. I’m having a bit of a music theme this week, and mostly music by the mavericks, which is what brought my dear Dutch friends and I together. Here you have ‘Bridge over Troubled waters’ with Roy Orbison and Raul Malo; Roy was sadly dead by the time this version was put together, I think it is a wonderful tribute to him, and who better to deliver the tribute than Raul?

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