Many people have no interest in hearing about other people’s dreams… I’m always fascinated by them! A friend once dreamt an escalator ate her Ugg boots and then spat one of them back which she tried to catch as it tumbled towards her. Many more people seem to dislike dreams in stories… again, I find them quite interesting as a device, as long as they aren’t too fanciful, don’t dominate the narrative, and aren’t used as an excuse to end a story that has run out of interest for the writer.

On a couple of occasions I have had dreams which have triggered thoughts which have led to new ideas for stories, or incidents in my novels. While I was away, having a wonderful time in the Netherlands with our dear friends who are like our Dutch family, I had a series of very vivid dreams. I won’t bore you with them, but one of them was so realistic, it haunted my mind for the next few days, and in the end I had to write it down as it wouldn’t let go of my imagination. I think it will develop into a proper story at some point, a different sort of story, a proper romance I think. The different parts of the dream are so real even now, several days later, that it is as if I actually really lived what happened. I won’t reveal it yet, except to say, that part of it involved my book club meeting in a coffee shop in town when we were approached by a man with a guitar case slung over his shoulder.

I’ll use the dream, not as a dream, but as a stimulus for new characters with a new plot and new and I hope exciting incidents and twists and turns… This could be my challenge for the National Novel Writing Month in November, couldn’t it?!


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