Carolyn’s roast potatoes

My cousin Carolyn is a great cook, and I use lots of recipes I’ve had from her; this evening we had rosemary roast potatoes, and really, it couldn’t be simpler or more delicious!

It seems to work with any sort of potato, from small new potatoes, to older ones which have to be peeled and chopped into same size chunks. I usually leave the skin on but cut out any blemishes. Heat oil in a roasting pan, I don’t like it too deep, when it is really hot, put the potatoes in very carefully, turn them over so they have oil on every surface, sprinkle with sea salt and torn up sprigs of rosemary (and cloves of garlic if you like!) then put them back into the very hot oven. Depending on the size of the potato chunks, and the variety it takes 25-40 mins. After about 15 mins, take the pan out and turn the potatoes over and add a little more salt, but not too much; you may want to do this again if they are in the oven for a while.

These are delicious with anything; if you make too many they are nice cold, or fried up for breakfast with your eggs and bacon.


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