I’m not for one moment suggesting I have writer’s block, I really haven’t, but I do just feel as if I am flagging. I feel as if I am swimming around in a muddy river, waiting for the water to clear. I wrote the other day that I somehow seem to have arrived at a point where I am writing two stories at once, and yes, I am… however, I feel as if my writing isn’t that good at the moment, and there are various story lines I am avoiding because I really don’t know how to pursue them.

For example, in Magick, my sequel to my e-book Radwinter, I know that at a certain point there is going to be a death… which affects the relationships of the characters with each other, and there was on point where I thought it ought to be announced. However I have passed that point by following a different line, the missing girl part of the novel… so should I re-order what I have done and put the missing girl in sooner? Magick is a genealogical mystery, as Radwinter was, and the main theme is Thomas Radwinter’s research into his family history… but somehow that has got left behind , but it has been left behind because a conundrum has developed which I don’t know how to unpick.

I am sure that part of the difficulty I feel I am having is due to the very busy past few weeks, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Salisbury, Manchester, and the fact that having had a house with just my husband and I at home for the past two years, we now have both our lovely children. We are thrilled to be four again, of course we are, but they are so big, and they have so much stuff! I feel as if my mind and imagination has become as muddled as our house is… so I am beavering away, washing, ironing, tidying my physical space, hoping it will do the same for my mental space!

If you haven’t yet read my e-book, Radwinter, here is the link to my Amazon page. If you do read it, I would be thrilled to hear what you think of it, or any of my other books!


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