Pub names

Pub names fascinate me, not just because I like pubs, and not just because I like names, but because they tell so much about the history and culture of the place where they are. I came across a list of the top pub names, and there are a couple which may seem surprising:

  1. Red Lion
  2. Crown
  3. Royal Oak
  4. Rose and Crown
  5. Kings Head
  6. White Hart
  7. Queens Head
  8. Railway
  9. Bell
  10. Swan
  11. Angel
  12. Bulls Head
  13. Coach& Horses
  14. George
  15. George and Dragon
  16. Nelson
  17. New Inn
  18. Plough
  19. Star
  20. White Horse

I was surprised that there were so many pubs called The Railway, but I guess it just shows how important and significant railways were in the nineteenth century, which is when many of these pubs date from. I was also surprised that Nelson hit the top twenty, and again it shows just how significant he was and how well-regarded. No mention of the Duke of Wellington or Waterloo!

DSCF3080Peveril of the Peak


  1. Alastair Savage

    I was up in Yorkshire recently and I was very impressed that almost every railway station seemed to have a pub built into it, especially on the line between Harrogate and Leeds. I guess most modern pubs appeared at the same time as the growth in the railways since before stricter licensing laws, they often were a ‘public’ house: someone serving beer from a front room.


    1. Lois

      Interesting you should say that, down here in Somerset, our train station has a pub on it! I remember there was a fantastic pub at Stalybridge station, it had a lot of real ales when we went there, but that was a while ago now!


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