It crept up on me while I slept

We live in temperate climes, and although we live by the sea we don’t have any monsters invading us… we are on an estuary so what is brought in by the sea is usually taken out again, so no creatures crept from the mud to slither up our drive.

What came upon me as I slept was the next part of my novel, Magick; there are several story lines running, several different threads, but I had hit a dull patch… I’ve got to a part where a couple of the smaller story-lines have come to a proper conclusion and the whole thing needs to move on, but to me it seemed to be getting a little dull and repetitive, and if I as a writer was thinking that, then the reader would be thinking it even more.

I woke up this morning and I had it! I had the next incident which would launch the final part of the whole book. it would draw one line to a proper and I hope believable conclusion, a satisfactory conclusion, and it would enhance the main theme which seems to be (ssshh!) running out of steam.

Thomas, the main character is in a new relationship with a young woman who has a child; any new relationship will have its ups and downs as the partners get to know each other, and after three months of joy and love something happiness, a visitor arrives who could break the whole thing… Sometimes the past creeps up and bites you on the tail! Luckily for Thomas, his love is true and all is well, so after that hiccup, the story can return to the main event which is Thomas searching for the family history of the Magick family, and looking for the runaway daughter of a friend.

My thoughts on waking will conclude the relationship story-line and progress the different searches Thomas is undertaking. I’m on the homeward straight!

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