Lochnagar… July 1st

Lochnagar is a mountain in the Grampians in Scotland; it’s nerly 4,000 feeet high, and nearby there is a distilelry producing Royal Lochnagar Single Malt. However, the Lochnagar I am thinking of is in the Somme battlefields area, and it is the greatest man-made crater. As part of the attack on the German lines, sappers mined beneath them and on July 1st at 7:28 in 1916, signalling the start of the offensive, 24 tonnes of ammonal was detonated. The sound of the explosion was reported to have been heard in London.

Visiting this place was awe-inspiring, and the thought of the number of men who were vaporised by the explosion, of others who were killed and wounded, some by the debris raining down from the sky was moving and tragic. This happened ninety-eight years ago, and at the time must have been the most phenomenal explosive event in war to have taken place; sadly since then we have seen much worse…

Lochnagar (3)It is 300ft in diameter and 70ft deep


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