Sometimes imagination isn’t enough

Lots of things happen to the people in my stories that have never happened to me, they go to places, do things, get involved in things which I never have; I can imagine how they might feel, what they might see, what they might do, how they might manage… but sometimes my lack of experience in something means I have to do a little research, and ask other people. Sometimes I avoid actually describing it by the people involved ‘not wanting to remember’ the incident, or just having ‘flashes of memory’, but sometimes it is so integral that it just has to be written about.

Magick, my sequel to Radwinter, has a genealogical theme again, but it also has other story-lines one of which involves the search for a missing girl. She is a runaway so she hasn’t been kidnapped or abducted, her parents just want to know where she is and perhaps try and make contact. Unfortunately, her husband is now big in the world of crime, and the main character in ‘Magick’ gets a physical warning to stay away, i.e. he is beaten up. Now thankfully I have never been beaten up, and my only experience of seeing it happen is seeing it acted on TV. In my story the actual fight is just a blur of punching and pain, but what I need to find out about is how the victim feels afterwards… yes, I know he will be in pain (no bones broken) and covered in bruises, but how long will he be in agony for, when will he feel physically OK but still have the bruises? How long does it take a bruise or a black eye to fade? I have no idea I’m glad to say, but I need to find out for my story!


  1. david lewis

    I live in pain every waking moment of my life. It varies from day to day depending on what I am doing or have done. No more good days and bad days only bad days and really bad days. The stupidest question my doctor asked was ( On a scale of one to ten how bad is your pain?) As you may have guessed I would have loved to have demonstrated it to him. It is said that vetinarians have more empathy for the pain of their patients than human doctors. Trust me it’s true. As the old saying goes just grin and bare it.


  2. david lewis

    When I read your blog everyday the pain almost goes away. You should bottle your magic and sell it. You could buy that cottage by the sea!


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