I have courgettes, I have feta… fritters!

I’m always surprised when people who manage to grow courgettes moan about having so many of them. We have never been successful with growing them… we managed to get one to an inch long before it fell off the vine.. I did eat it but it tasted of not much. If I were lucky enough to be able to grow some I have so many different ways that I enjoy eating them that I’m sure I wouldn’t moan!

I like them raw, sliced thinly into salads; I like them sliced thinly and dressed with a little olive oil, light vinegar and capers; I like them lightly fried; I like them cut into chunks, boiled for a few minutes in salty water then served with olive oil or white sauce; I like them grated into any number of things which I am going to cook; I like them in ratatouille and just roast in the oven with other vegetables in olive oil… and I could go on… and on!

A courgette or zucchini is a type of squash, which originates in America;as well as the fruit, which can be green or yellow, the lovely flowers can be eaten, raw, fried in a light batter or stuffed and used as a casing for something lovely.

One of my favourite cuisines is Turkish, and one of my favourite cooks, who always shares recipes which work out successfully is Ozlem Warren:


The other day Ozlem shared a lovely recipe, among all the lovely recipes she shares, for courgette fritters, which has among the ingredients, feta cheese. Fortunately, I bought some feta cheese when we went shopping the other day, just by chance because I love feta, we have dill growing in the garden… so I have a whole new recipe to try! There is a healthy eating option to the recipe where instead of frying the fritters they can be cooked in the oven. I actually think frying them would make them more succulent and yummy, but I am sure they will be virtuously delicious cooked in the oven!



  1. Ozlem's Turkish Table

    Dear Lois, so very kind of you, many thanks for this lovely write up and sharing my zucchini & feta fritters/bake recipe : ) Your kind words mean a lot! We had the baked version at my Turkish cookery class yesterday, went down very well! Many thanks again : )


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