Playing about with a cover

I wrote a little while ago that I’m trying to work out the cover for my story Magick… I had an idea of having something to do with doors, or gates, or entrances, as my story is another genealogical mystery, finding a family’s own past through all the fantastic resources there are on the internet now. There is nothing dramatic in the family history in terms of fortunes lost or found, nobility, or murder, but there is a puzzle and a journey of discovery to make the story interesting to read. So I had the idea of the quest being an opening of a door into the past.

However, when I looked at the various photos I had of doors and gates, somehow it seemed a little trite, a little unoriginal… I still wanted something though, like a barrier which could be stepped round or put aside… Hmmm… and other theme in the book is a young woman who has left her family for some unknown reason after a happy childhood. The main character has been asked to find the woman, and he does so by trying to find out why she left home in the first place, and whether that could throw any light on her decision to disassociate herself from people who love her… so there was an idea in my mind of a child…

Children are another aspect of the story; the main character has a partner with a little child and he suddenly finds himself as a parent; in his family history quest he comes across photos of his mother as a child and certain mysteries are associated with these seemingly innocent pictures.


img003 (2)

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