Another Nano

I haven’t mentioned it before but I have embarked on another NaNoWriMo… the national Novel Writing Month challenge. During July there is Camp NaNo, a challenge to write 50,000 words of any writing project you are working on. The National Novel Writing Month proper runs in November when you are challenged to start a new novel and write 50,000 words of it. With Camp NaNo you set your own target.

I have run aground a little on Magick, my sequel to my previous novel, Radwinter, and thought Camp NaNo might be a good way to get myself floating again, and paddling along to the end of the story. I must admit I am struggling a little; I have set a target of 50,000 which should see me finish the novel, and although it isn’t flowing as well as previously, I am making progress and am on target to finish by the end of July. To help me meet the target, I am working on a side project, a romance… but I have a feeling that this is an indulgence and it won’t ever see the light of the day by being published. It is still good practice to keep writing though!

So ten days into Camp NaNo and I’ve completed nearly 14000 words.. so far so good!

I started writing Radwinter for the national Novel Writing Month challenge… you can find it on Amazon here:


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