I fear that I have slipped into a part of my novel where I seem to be wandering through a bog of tedium; my writing seems flat and mundane, there aren’t enough events of sufficient interest (even modest events can be interesting) the characters are becoming lifeless… and if I am bored writing it my readers will have thrown it out of the window by now, resolving never to read anything by me again…

However, I know that really, this is just a stage I am going through in creating the novel… if it is uninspired, when I go back and edit it from the perspective of a complete story, I will be able to excise or change these parts, and sometimes in actual fact, they aren’t as boring as they seem as I am writing them. Sometimes I just have too many words and by paring it down, making the episodes leaner the part seems a to fit as snuggly as a jigsaw piece; sometimes by adding more detail and colour the flat landscape of a particular scene takes on contours and there are different feelings of movement through the narrative, some at a faster pace, some are more leisurely and with the scenes  laid out like a landscape viewed from a ridge-way path.

What I have to do now is press on, not to become discouraged or fear I have so-called ‘writer’s block’; I’m sure that does exist but I know I have to just keep going. To revert to my previous metaphor, it is getting to a steep bit, walking through a mist, the backpack of previous story-lines is heavy, the views are non-existent, all I can see is the pebbly path of uninteresting nouns and verbs, dull adjectives and lack of adverbs. it’s not just that I can’t see the wood for the trees, at the moment I feel as if I can’t even see the trees!

I just need to work my way through it, even if I get a little lost and go round in repetitive circles, or miss my way completely and wander off into irrelevance, I will press on and get through this fog of tedium!


  1. James Purcell

    I know how you feel, I have been there and done that.
    At the end of this bit, go have a glass of whine and celebrate that you got this bit of “crap” out of the way and can g back to the exciting work!


  2. Victoria Davenport

    Keep going! I know that part sucks, for me it usually hits somewhere in the middle, around 30-40k. Sometimes it feels like trudging through mud, but you just have to keep plugging along. You can always come back and clean it up and make it beautiful and shiny, but you have to get the words down first. Keep at it, and good luck!


    1. Lois

      Aww, thank you Victoria! It;’s funny though, sometimes the bits I think are not very good are actually better than the bits I think are most beautifully written… Plugging along, that’s the secret, you’re so right!


  3. scribevintage

    Have only just happened upon your blog. I love it. You have such a great way of writing so was a little surprised when you said you feel you’ve hit a ‘writer’s block’. Keep on going – we’re all reading 🙂


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