Creative writing, creative listening

I’m not sure my creative writing group quite understood what I was trying to suggest to them. I love music, love listening to music, but the best is seeing live music! I love watching the band or the singer, or the group, I love watching the dynamic, observing the personas they put across consciously or unconsciously, and then letting my imagination run… supposing he this, supposing they that, imagine if, what if, I wonder if…

My husband has been in many, many bands over the years and has some marvellous stories, which he really ought to write for public consumption, about the fallings out, the excitements, the disappointments, the rivalries,  the triumphs, the new blood, the bad blood…

It struck me that bands are very much like families; brought together and joined by some common tie, putting on a brave front despite personal difficulties, and again, the fallings out, the excitements… the divorces, the new partners, the old partners, the new relationships, the warring relationships, the loving relationships, the feuds, the forgiveness, the betrayal…

I played my creative writing group a video which showed the Mavericks, my favourite band, an old video which I hoped would show four men, four different personalities, and how they had inspired me on so many occasions, but in the greatest way in my unpublished novel ‘Lucky Portbradden’. I somehow didn’t seem to put across exactly what I meant, of music being a trigger to writing something, not necessarily to be reminded of something or to be sentimental about a past event where the music was significant, but to create something new by following where the little thoughts lead.

Here is the video… does it inspire you?

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