We won! Again!

Last week I was very excited t report that we had won the quiz at out local pub, the Dolphin There is a crack team there who win nearly every week with scores of top marks, 25/25. We won last week… and we won again tonight!! The quiz is designed so there is a chance of anyone winning something because the answers are written into a grid; if you have answers in a straight line you can win, as well as the team with the highest score. To spread the good luck even further there is what is known as the beer round, because the winner gets free beer next quiz night! We actually won that last time, so there was a free round tonight.

Many pubs have quiz nights, and there are all sorts of different quizzes with different ways of ensuring that more people have success… even if it as a prize for coming last! Needless to say we will be in the Dolphin next week to spend the money we won tonight, hoping to win more! Whether we win or not, we will have a fun time with lots and lots of laughs, good beer, and plenty of head-scratching!



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