Magick update

I am so near the end of my next novel, Magick, the sequel to my previous genealogical mystery , Radwinter. I mentioned a little while ago that I was struggling to unravel all the different plot lines because I want the ending to be satisfactory and that is something else I have written about. There is nothing worse when reading a book to have struggled and suffered and been excited and thrilled, and in despair, and on the edge of your seat along with the characters for however many hundred pages and have an ending which seems as if the author was fed up and ended it as quickly as s/he could because s/he is bored. I also didn’t want there to be so many coincidences to conclude the mystery that it was stretching the bounds of credibility.

I don’t want my novel to be too long either, so I don’t want to have to write another 50,000 words to get to the end and have a good conclusion… although, obviously I will if I have to..

I was mentioning this to my husband, talking it over with him, and he made a startling suggestion… a brilliant suggestion. I had also mentioned some time ago that there were lots of ideas I hadn’t included, because I didn’t want it to get too muddly and complicated,including one idea which was that the main character should find an old cookery book which had jottings in the margin which told a story which he had to investigate on the genealogical site he’s on.

My husband suggested that I leave one of the plot lines unsolved and write about it in the next novel… the next novel? There is going to be a third Radwinter/Magick novel… well, I certainly have enough ideas, and there is certainly enough potential for development of the characters… and the more I thought about it the more perfect it seemed. Rather than stretch Magick out and risk it becoming boring, why not leave one of mysteries unsolved? I would complete the investigation into the family name of Magick, I would find out why certain members of the family changed their names… but the missing girl… maybe she is not found until the third novel!!!!

I like it! it’s perfect! Thank you husband!

… now I need to think of a new title!



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