I’ve been researching court cases in Cornwall for my next novel, Magick; not that I am going to use any of them, but I have an imaginary murder committed in the 1830’s and I want to have a flavour of how it might have been reported. I was looking at some old newspaper reports of court proceedings, and came across the sad case of a murder committed by two brothers; what struck me was the curious name of the victim, a Mr Nevell Norway. I have never come across Norway as a surname and names are another area that I’m interested in.

I continued my search for different cases which might have resulted in someone being transported to Australia as a convict for life. I can’t remember now what I put into Google but up popped a page, and there was Mr Norway again… except that it was on a page from a site about one of my favourite authors, Nevil Shute; I think I may have written a post about him, probably about his book ‘Round the Bend’, although he is also famous for ‘A Town Like Alice’, ‘On The Beach’, ‘Trustee From the Toolroom’ and ‘Pied Piper’. No doubt when I wrote about him I gave his full name, Nevil Shute Norway… because he was the great-grandson of poor Mr Nevell Norway who was murdered! I had no idea of that and quite forgotten the name Norway, until I came across it in the old newspapers!

Read all about the murder, the investigation, the trial and retribution:

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