The Star Inn

The Star Inn, Lidgate in Suffolk, is a place which has family connections; we don’t know if my husband’s ancestors had this pub but they certainly had a pub in the village at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The whole village is a delight and so pretty, and so old! It is famous for a poet who was a friend of Chaucer’s son, John Lidgate, who as well as being quite a renowned poet, was a monk. he was born in Lidgate in about 1370 and died about eighty years later at the nearby monastery at Bury St Edmunds.

The Star Inn which is now owned by the villagers, is part of three cottages together, Hollyhock Cottage, Star Inn, Willow Cottage. It has been dated to the sixteenth century and is timber-framed with a  tiled roof and a red brick chimney; inside it has oak beams… sadly I haven’t actually seen them as it was before opening time when we visited! However, the beer served within is supposed to be of the best, so I am tempted to visit again, but this time, make sure we arrive when it’s open!.


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