Six cup pudding

Whenever I hear the word pudding I think of my Aunty Audrey who loved puddings… I think she would have enjoyed the idea of ‘Pudding Night’ some restaurants do occasionally. Audrey was a good cook, like her sisters, my mum and my other aunty… and all of them made delicious puddings, but really, Audrey was the queen of puds. I think she may have had this pudding as a little girl, served with custard (the pudding with the custard, not my aunty!)

  • a cup each of flour, sugar, butter, currants, raisins, milk and egg beaten together
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  1. mix all the ingredients together, put in a greased basin with a greaseproof paper cap tied securely, or roll in a pudding cloth, and steam for two hours

That’s it, that’s the recipe!


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