The King of Prussia

No, this isn’t the actual King of Prussia, it isn’t a town in Pennsylvania, it isn’t the stop on the Eskdale and Ravenglass Railway, nor is it one of the rulers the German kingdom between 1701 and 1918, starting with Frederick I, the Mercenary King, and ending with William II, known as Kaiser Bill to the English of the time.

This King of Prussia is a pub and hotel in Fowey in Cornwall and was named after not any actual Kings of Prussia but a well-known and local smuggler and privateer, John Carter. he ‘operated’ between 1777 and 1807,  with his two brothers, Harry and Charles. Although he was  technically a criminal he was known as being an upright man, and honest within his business dealings. Once he had some of his cargoes confiscated while he was away; on his return he broke into the excise warehouses and carried away his own goods, leaving everything else untouched. This identified him as the culprit, because of his ‘honesty’! The pub itself which dates to the seventeenth century, was built on the site of an older building; in the past it has been known as the King’s Hotel and the King’s Arms Hotel.

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