Mounting block

We are so used to mechanised travel, and so few of us go riding, and if people do I guess they get a bunk up from someone else, but in the olden days when horses were the main form of transport, to get onto a horse there would be mounting blocks, or steps, often built into the side of  wall like in this picture from Burnham-on-Sea, the town down the coast from us.

These mounting steps are near St Andrew’s Church which dates back to 1315, and has a leaning tower… not as leaning as Pisa, but still quite noticeable. The reason the steps were put near the church is because the parish was very large in former times and people would have to ride in to church, no doubt in their Sunday best. There was a stable near here in 1841, but I don’t know exactly when the steps were built, contemporary to it no doubt.

We had a lovely visit to Burnham today, and followed part of the town trail looking at heritage buildings. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the trail yourself:


  1. Dom DiFrancesco

    I love these historical pieces that you write, I so wish to visit, England, Ireland and Scotland one day though it unfortunately is unlikely to be anytime soon. Thank you so much for sharing what you see, I guess I will have to see these places through your pictures and words for now.

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