Tying up the ends

I am in the final stages of getting my next book, Magick, ready for publication. I am going through it so carefully, because not only are there all the usual sort of things to correct, amend, tidy up, check out, I have with this story followed the investigation into a family which has rather complicated ancestry.

The central character Thomas has already investigated his father’s side of the family in my novel Radwinter; now he is following the maternal line, the Magick family. Being a novel and being a fictitious character, Thomas has a strange way of working, going back to the first census in 1841 and seeing if anyone has the name he is seeking. This worked well with his Radwinter quest as there was only a single person with that name in 1841, and so it was just a case of following the trail through censuses and births, marriages and deaths records.

In Magick, Thomas becomes stuck because there are several people called Magick or variations of it in the past; so in this new novel he also starts with the present and works his way backwards to try and put the two ends of the story together. It is made more confusing because he finds that his grandmother changed her name, she wasn’t born a Magick but changed her name to that of her grandparents.

The story that Thomas unravels is that of three brothers, born at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and how the lives of their descendants converge and diverge, so there is an awful lot of checking to do, to make sure I haven’t inadvertently written John instead of Joseph, or Elizabeth instead of Eliza, and that all the dates marry, and that most of all, this complicated tale is clear to my readers and not boring!

I am struggling a little with charts and family trees everywhere… but I think I am winning, and I am setting a provisional date of publication for October 14th which would have been my mother-in-law’s 100th birthday!

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