Magick is nearly ready!

I am doing the last few checks on my next book, Magick. I’ve worked really hard on it, not just writing the story, but editing, correcting, rewriting, trying to spot mistakes. There are so many things to check and recheck, so many little things – spellings of names to make sure they are consistent, looking at dates to make sure I’ve not made a mistake, looking for typos – not spelling mistakes because they can get picked up but little things – ‘in’ instead of ‘an’ ‘hers’ instead of ‘hers’… I have reduced the original first draft by nearly 9,000 words, cutting out repetitions and waffle – and little words which creep in like ‘just’, ‘actually, ‘sort of’. Because it is told in the first person with a very strong and individual ‘voice’ there are all sorts of funny little things which are included, because that is the way the character would write; however, he is only a character, and all those little funny-osities can become really annoying!

I’m on target to publish on Tuesday, yes, Tuesday! However I still feel as if I’m going to running right up to the wire – I just want it to be the best I can make it!


  1. Isabel Lunn

    Eagerly awaiting this on my Kindle, though I won’t be reading it straight away as I’m reading Sheila Hancock’s new novel “Miss Carter’s War” as we’re going to a talk about it by her at the Royal Exchange on Friday.


      1. Isabel Lunn

        Yes it’s fiction, her first novel, her other books have been biographical. I’ve only just started it and it looks promising. I’ll let you know in a few days.

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  2. Isabel Lunn

    It was very entertaining listening to Sheila Hancock today in conversation with Jenny Murray.. Not only did she read extracts, but she talked about the writing process. She did lots of research and then when she’d got all her characters she approached them as if they were characters she was going to play as an actress. She then read any dialogue aloud to make sure that it sounded right for the characters to speak.
    I’ve read about 7 chapters of the 54 and I’m enjoying it very much. It covers the period from just after the war to the late 60s but also harks back to the war when the heroine who is half French worked for the SOE.
    It’s quite lengthy so I may be reading it for a while.

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    1. Lois

      How interesting! I must look out to see if she comes to speak round here – we often get interesting people in Bristol and Bath, but also Weston as well. Joan Armatrading was here last week! I didn’t see her but a friend did and said she was marvellous.


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