I’m very fond of Guinness; it’s the combination of malty sweetness, refreshing bitterness, a fine long-lasting flavour, smooooooooooooooooth drinking…. first  made by Arthur Guinness who was born in 1725… Imagine what a great celebration there will be of his three hundredth birthday in eleven years time!

in 1759, Arthur signed a 9000 year lease on a brewery in Dublin, at St James’s Gate; it cost him £100 which was obviously much more in those days! You couldn’t buy a square foot for that price these days! What he got for his hundred pounds included a copper for brewing, a kieve which is a mash tun (barrel), a mill, two malt houses, and there were stables too. Within ten years Guinness was being exported, and so began the international trade in this fine beer. Arthur died in 1803 but the family business continued as his son, also Arthur, took over.

We visited Dublin in September, but we just didn’t have time to visit the brewery… another time it will definitely be on the list!

Dublin (34)


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