Sourdough baking today!

I followed a recipe, I made my rye sourdough starter, and now is the day for the baking! As with anything you try for the first time I’m not sure it’s right – I’m anxious about the smell, which is supposed to be like a good wheat beer. I do occasionally drink wheat beer, it’s not my favourite, but I like it… perhaps I should buy a bottle and compare smells? Anyway… I’m not sure my sourdough smells like that; it doesn’t smell horrible, but I’m not sure it’s right. I may not have made a sourdough before but I’ve baked with rye lots of times, and eaten plenty of rye bread.

I have lots of different recipes to make th actual bread, some really interesting flavoured ones or ones with different nuts and seeds in, but I think I’ll just try a plain ordinary rye loaf and see how I get on… I will let you know!

I know I’ve shared this link before, but I will do it again; ‘Ginger’ (who writes an amazing blog) commented on a previous post with a link to her page, by that time I’d already startd my starter. If it doesn’t work, then this is my next recipe:


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