How things change!

It wasn’t so long ago when we would go somewhere and out children would come along under strict instructions to behave and remember they were with adults and they had to not make a fuss or make a noise or try to interrupt or if someone was talking to them not to go on and on about kiddish things…

Tonight we went to the pub… so tonight ‘we’ were my son and his friend who I have known all his life (and his family and they are like my family) another friend who he met five years ago and who has become my ‘other son’, and a fabulous young woman with style, personality, intelligence and a great future…

So now it has reversed; whereas before my son was with us.. now I am with them! It’s great, it’s fun, but it’s different! The dynamic has changed, the positions have altered…

I don’t remember this happening with my parents, although it actually did… my mum and I used to go out and we were more like friends… my dad and I used to go the pub and we were more like mates…

My daughter is away from home in the States for a year and I miss her, not just as a daughter, but as a much, much more.

Things change!


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