Akranes again

I’m so looking forward to visiting Iceland again for a short holiday; I don’t suppose the tour will include Akranes, a small town we visited up the coast from Reykjavik. One of the reasons I visited there before was because I was on a trip with my Gaelic group and we were looking at the links between Ireland and Iceland.

Akranes was founded sometime in the ninth or tenth century by Þormóður and Ketill, who were the sons of Bresi; they may have been monks, or they may have been settlers… who knows after 1,100 years!. Although they were of Viking origin, they actually came from Ireland – which is why our Gaelic group were visiting. I’ve written about this before:


One of the reasons I particularly enjoyed this visit was that although we were  tourists, foreign tourists, we were going somewhere not many people visit so it had an everyday feeling about the place. When we went to other places such as Geyser, there were literally hundreds of people there. It was great that Iceland is a popular place and that the tourist industry is booming, but as a visitor it’s also nice not to feel part of the crowd!

Evidence of whaling
Evidence of whaling


    1. Lois

      We’ve had a great time – a bit limited because of being on a coach, but we had a free day in Reykjavik and went to the art gallery… Have you heard of Gunter Damisch or Tomas Saraceno? … I loved both their work… also went to a sculpture park of Ásmundur Sveinsson… amazing!

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