By the skin of my teeth!

On November 1st I started the National Noel Writing Month challenge, an on-line challenge to write 50,000 words of a new novel in thirty days. Last year I entered for the first time ever and I was on fire! The words seemed to pour out and I completed the task, and more! What I wrote became the first in a series (yes series!)it was Radwinter, which recounted how Thomas Radwinter explore his family history and also discovered a great deal about himself too. It was the first time I had written a completely new novel for a long time – my other novels were all stories I had previous written and re-edited for publication.

I was thrilled last year, and continued to work on the novel which I finished just after Christmas and it was published in February… however I felt the story was not completely told so I wrote my first ever sequel, Magic, in which Thomas traced his maternal line… and again had some personal adventures on the way. I hadn’t intended to write this, but linked to The National Novel Writing month is a writing ‘camp’ in April, and I used that to start my sequel.

The sequel was successfully published, and I approached this year’s writing month thinking I would write a romance – my first ever romance… however, day one, November 1st, I found myself writing the last part of Thomas Radwinter’s story… from the start I found it hard, not because I was lazy, not because I didn’t have a story there waiting to be written, but it just seemed to struggle to get onto the page. My progress was interrupted by a five day holiday to Iceland and a day trip to London… I had my tablet with me, but the wretched thing wouldn’t work. I continued to write in long hand and transcribed it all when i got home.

The last ten days were a struggle… I just didn’t seem to be getting enough words written… and then last weekend i rally began to fear I wouldn’t make it… yesterday I was almost certain that midnight would creep up on me and I would be short of the 50,000 word mark… I wanted to keep true to my story, I didn’t want to just write rubbish to up my word count…

AndΒ do you know, I managed it!!! I wrote 50,024 words in the month of November!! Whoohoo!!!


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