1930’s girl guides

MY mother and her sisters joined the girl guides as soon as they were old enough, first in Pavenham in Bedfordshire where they lived, and then in Harston Cambridgeshire where they moved in the 1930’s. My aunty was particular keen and went on to become a guide leader.

Girl guiding started in 1909, swiftly emerging from the boy scout organization which was started in 1908, by Robert Baden-Powell. When my aunty first joined in about 1931, the organization was quite young but there were many, many groups across the country.

I became a brownie, and was very briefly a guide, and my daughter followed the family tradition, and she was in the rainbows, brownies and guides until she was fifteen.

img016 (2)Guides on parade in Harston



  1. Don Bowen

    One of the best things to happen to me was joining the Scouts. I learned skills of confidence and team work, for example.
    Thanks for this item Lois.


    1. Lois

      You’re welcome, Don… although I was only in the Guides for a short time, I was in the brownies… and even those things I learned as quite a little girl are still important to me now, team work, thinking of others before yourself, helping other people, having a jolly good sing-song!!!


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