I like your characters!

I was talking to my cousin tonight and she complimented me on my latest novel, Magick. I was delighted with her comments because she is the sort of person who always gives an honest opinion… if she has a criticism, she will make it in a kindly and nice way, but she will always tell me what she really thinks. She said she enjoyed the plot and the different things which happened, but she really engaged with the story-line because she really liked my characters. She then said she thought it was the best novel I’ve written! I was delighted!

it’s very difficult to be objective about something you have created yourself and I have always asked my readers to ell me what they truthfully think about what I write, and I find their comments so helpful. I was pleased Magick, but wary because it is so easy to ‘fall in love’ with the people in your work and become over-indulgent with them and in the end they can stray away from being realistic.

If you have read Magick, or any of my novels, I would really appreciate your comments!

If you haven’t read Magick, find a link to it here:



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