Many years ago, in my first job, I used to catch the bus home with a head of department who was a very talented, clever, hard-working, nice chap. I was in my first year of the job and he was always so pleasant and friendly and over the three years we worked together I got to know him quite well. We didn’t ever socialise, but occasionally I would go back to his house and have a cup of tea with him and his wife. She was always very friendly, and over the years I saw their family grow. At work he was instrumental in introducing various new schemes, collaborating with a different head of department;  I often looked back on what he did and thought what an amazing and innovative and excellent scheme it was.

I moved to another job and we didn’t keep in touch because it wasn’t a friendship on that level, but I did get news of him over the years, that he had been promoted and moved south, that he had been promoted again… I have one really vivid memory of him; we had got off the bus and it was a lovely sunny afternoon and we stood in the sunshine just chatting for maybe thirty minutes, laughing and joking, telling stories…

Tonight I was talking to another friend and was told that this man who I had admired and liked, has been convicted of a most vile series of crimes and is now in jail and will remain there for the next fourteen years… I was horrified and disgusted… and totally shocked…

We so often read in the newspapers and see in the media stories of dreadful crimes having been committed and people who know the perpetrators say how shocked and surprised they are, how disbelieving… I understand that now…


      1. grevilleacorner

        No need to feel deceived Lois or kick yourself for not seeing the “evil” side of this man. Even the most evil person still has good within them – the yin and the yang. Just that some have the extremes, whereas most of us are moderate. When you spent time with this man, I reckon he was being genuinely himself too. probably not deceptive…..his “good side” had rapport with you. Hope that helps. 🙂

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      2. Lois

        Thank you, Stephanie… yes it does help… but then I always find you helpful! Your words always have a resonance for me, you would be surprised how often I look at what you write and comment on… thank you!


  1. tinasrabbithole

    He is still the man you chatted with. I think knowing that people who do vile things are still humans, and not all evil, is a very sobering thing. Under the wrong circumstances we could all be driven to do things that we never would have thought ourselves capable of. I thank my lucky stars that I had a good environment to grow up in, and that I continue to live in a stable and good environment. I don’t know what the dude did, but I think I would advise you to remember the times you had back then.

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    1. Lois

      Good advice… I think I have to, you’re right… I can’t imagine what must have happened to him that he became what he did… I think somewhere along the line he must have been a victim too.

      Thanks for your comments, Tina


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