Pub quiz… fail!!!

Almost every Tuesday we go to the Dolphin for the pub quiz; between us we mostly don’t do too badly, although we never win… actually we may have won once! The answer sheet is a divided into twenty-five squares, randomly numbered, the questions are read out in order and with any luck at all you write the answers in the numbered square. The answers are read out in a random order and if you manage to get five answers across the sheet correct (diagonally, horizontally, vertically) or the four corners, you shout ‘Dolphin’ and win £10. The answers continue and the best team wins the prize… then there is the beer round; a totally off the wall question which is basically just guess-work (although once my husband did actually know the length of the ship the Queen Mary, and my son on another occasion knew what was the most pints of beer drunk in three hours) Whoever wins the beer round gets a free drink next week. Tonight the beer question was, how many mobile phones were handed in as lost on the London Underground in 2003. We gave an answer of 78,500… the actual answer was 10,000+…

We didn’t do so well, getting the right answer but writing down something different (Martin Peters instead of Jackie Charlton, Fred Trueman instead of Darren Gough) not knowing soap stars, models, obscure singers, but we did enjoy ourselves, and we did drink some nice beer!

So… next Tuesday… same time, same place!


    1. Lois

      It’s the atmosphere, Dom, lots of nice people all trying to rack their brains to get the answers right – and quite often helping out other teams! It’s a competition, but in the most friendly and fun atmosphere… the landlord reads out the questions and quite often the ‘regulars’ make comical comments which have everyone laughing!


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