Good cooks always use…

img038Another advert from Mrs Beeton, the 1912 edition, and if you went shopping today you could still buy Robinson’s barley products, squashes and drinks… and many other ‘new’ lines too! Atora still makes suet, and in fact I have a vegetarian ‘suet’ packet in my cupboard for when I make puddings… not that I do very often, but it’s there if I need it!

I don’t think Oakey’s are still in business, but these days we have speciality products, often in sprays, to clean items… although only a very, very few people would still need black lead for the cookers and grates! I’m guessing that  some of Mr Oakey’s products, available from ironmongers, grocers, druggists, and oilmen would not be allowed now as they contain dangerous substances!

Red White and Blue Coffee is no more, and neither, I think is Té Celestial (Double Crown Brand) and what call is there these days for straw hat polish??!!


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