We abandoned the Boltons

A while ago I wrote about our quiz friends from the pub, the Dolphin; we call the Boltons because they come from Bolton, and when we can, we sit next to them during the pub quiz. They are great folks, interesting and funny, and also we sometimes share answers when we are stuck. There is a third member of their team, Keith, who is an elderly man, although you wouldn’t think so if you met him, well into his eighties, but with a lively mind, full of interesting tales and stories about different things.

The last couple of times we have been to the quiz we have arrived a little late, and as it is popular and crowded we haven’t managed to sit by our chums. Quite often if this happens we sit next to Richard and his quiz partner who was a friend of his mum’s. Another lovely couple of people, so between questions we chat and natter, and if we are stuck we compare answers.

The time sort of whizzed away, and suddenly it was time for the quiz and we hurried down and waved at the Boltons, but it was too busy to sit by them. Richard was on his own at the bar, but we managed to secure a couple of seats with some other folk. As it happens, Richard was on his own so we could have stood with him,but there we were seated.

The Dolphin has a wide variety of  different people who come, and tonight we sat beside a lovely hairdresser, and her partner, Nicholas. They readily admitted that they didn’t particularity keep up with the news but we chatted and shared some answers. Nicholas had   gift for playing with words, and came out with endless puns on various things, for example, cars, fish and IKEA.

The quiz finished and Richard came over as he was putting on his coat and scarf, and we compared notes on how we had done; he had remained on his own, and I said I was sorry we hadn’t joined him, but he was happy being independent. He told us the story of redecorating his house, the house his parents had owned and how he’d pulled off some wall-paper and found a message pencilled onto the bare plaster beneath, from his dad giving the date he had bought the house and put up the wall-paper. Richard added his own message, including the date before hanging the new wallpaper.

We were just finishing our drinks when the Boltons and Keith came by and we had a brief chat, comparing notes, and I thought to myself that we ought to come earlier next time and try and sit by them … they are such fun!




  1. david lewis

    How would a Canadian do on your Quiz night? Are a lot of the questions to do with things only an Englishman would know like TV personalities etc.


    1. Lois

      There are questions about TV shows and celebs, but we never know the answers to them either!! Some of it is general knowledge, or what has been in the news… but I think you’d have fine even so!


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