Family saga

I’ve been trying to get rid of ‘stuff’… I guess it was the way I was brought up, not to waste anything, to salvage what you could from things which had to be thrown away, for example buttons off clothes not even fit for a jumble sale, the spare pages from old exercise books, jam jars… but the result is now that we are overwhelmed with things which if I’m honest will never be used. So what should I do with the old buttons? Luckily I found someone who had use for them. Jam jars? Into the recycling box! Pages from old exercise books… yes I write, but these days it’s on the computer… I’m never going to need the hundreds of lined pages pulled out of ex-exercise books.

Anyway… I came across some treasures… a collection of my childhood poems, newspaper cuttings from my days in the swimming club, including reports of the Swim Through Cambridge which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

I also came across over four hundred pages of a novel I wrote a couple of years ago. It is complete, but unedited, and probably far too long, but I pulled out some random pages and twenty minutes later I was still reading… so maybe it isn’t that bad,,,

It’s the story of the Portbraddens, a family of cousins, all adults with grown-up children of their own, who are devastated by the death of their grandmother who was the glue who held them together… they begin to fall out, there are arguments and betrayals and infidelities… It’s not at all the usual thing I write, as there is no mystery or puzzle in it, just the story of their lives. The oldest of the cousins is Antoine who has a secret, that his wife is schizophrenic. He feels very alone as his only brother died when he was only nineteen. The youngest cousin is Alex, who was brought up by the grandmother as his parents died when he was a child. Alex and Antoine have always been at loggerheads, their wives hating each other, the death of grandma makes it worse. Between Alex and Antoine are the twins, Nick and Tyrone, who try never to take sides, and on the outside are the two black sheep brothers, Garry and James…

I’m beginning to wonder whether I should actually do some work on this, whether I should publish it… a family saga? Hmmm, I wonder!



  1. karenirma

    As a barometer, our family sagas go for £2.99 a pop, peak demand in summer (for some reason). There could be a renewing market as a lot of the authors who wrote family sagas have now sadly departed this mortal coil.


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