Guinness Porter

Usually when we go to the Dolphin we drink Otter, from the fabulous local Otter Brewery in Devon, and so we did tonight. But then we spotted one of Guinness’s new range, Guinness Porter, bottles of the lovely stuff on one of the shelves behind the bar.

We finished our Otter and ordered some of the new Guinness. Well, that was fun! The landlord who was on our side of th bar, standing chatting to friends as he often does was summoned by the lad behind the bar who needed to know how much it was… it wasn’t showing up on the till! Lucky us, the landlord hadn’t a clue and gave it to us at a special introductory offer!

We had our bottles, we had our glasses… slowly and carefully and lovingly we poured it… and it was wonderful!!! Yes, we can recommend it! It is part of a new range Guinness have on offer; the other is West Indies Porter… I look forward to trying that one!

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