Wading through metaphorical mud

I’m up to my writing armpits in a bog of thoughts, half-completed ideas, meandering plots, convoluted twists, absent-minded characters, shadowy scenes… I am so near the end now – if only I could push on, I might be finished by St Valentine’s Day…

Fifteen months ago, November 1st 2013, I began a novel about Thomas Radwinter in search of his family history… Everything just seemed to flow and somehow it was written by Christmas and edited and published on St Valentine’s Day last year… that’s the significance of the date. I hadn’t intended it to be anything other than a stand alone novel, but Thomas’s story didn’t stop, and somehow before I knew it, a sequel began to write itself, and there was Thomas once again, delving into genealogy, and ‘Magick’ was published in October.

Never in any of my thoughts about writing had I ever before thought about writing a sequel… and as for writing a trilogy… that was not even on the radar… so how was it that only a matter of weeks after Magick was published that I began to write the third part of Thomas’s adventures, probably to be called Raddy and Syl? I have no idea… except that In November I began the third part of the story… I am so near the end but I have hit what a marathon runner would call ‘the wall’… But I must press on! I must run through the pain!… OK I must grit my teeth and get writing! I want to complete by the anniversary of the publication of ‘Radwinter’!



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