Back on firm ground with a cup of tea

Last night I felt as if I was completely stuck with my writing, I felt as if I was wading through metaphorical mud… I embarked on my first ever sequel to a sequel, in other words the third part of a   trilogy. I’m nearing the end and although I’ve tied off several plot lines, as a knitter might tie of a particular part of a jumper she’s knitting, I was still working my way through the tangles skeins of plot and character, and not being able to follow the pattern even though I know what the finished story should look like.

suddenly, as I was just finishing off, getting ready to go to bed, I had Thomas my main character ring Lesley and elderly and quite distant cousin who he had never met before… and suddenly, suddenly I saw the way forward. Thomas is trying to find out about,  Edward Radwinter, known as Raddy, and Sylvia Magick the people who brought him up “…sort of…” as he says, how did they come to such a dreadful state in their lives where she was an alcoholic and dysfunctional parent, and he was in and out of prison before leaving home never to be heard of again?

Cousin Lesley is only a little younger than Raddy, and she remembers him when he was a teenager and young man… can she give Thomas any answers? He is off to have tea with her this afternoon… so I’ll let you know!

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