Searching for cover…


…or should I say, searching for a cover. I can’t get an image in mind for the cover of my next  novel, about the Radwinter family. It is quite a complicated story with many different strands and there is nothing which seems to come into my mind which would speak for it… and draw people to want to read it. I thought about doors, things happening behind closed doors, of paths and trails. There is a description in the book of a man dancing drunkenly, out in the garden on a sunny afternoon. His arms are flung wide, he has a beer bottle in his hand, and his face is raised to the sun, his eyes closed… but how could I get a picture of that? In the same scene, two women are jiving with each other in the garden, it’s the 1950’s and they have tight belts and wide skirts and they are laughing, and perhaps a little tipsy too… but where could I find that picture? Maybe I will have to settle for a blurry indistinct image of something you can’t quite make out… the history of Thomas;s family is a little like that… blurry, and he can’t quite make it out.


  1. david lewis

    I see a real problem here with so many things going so fast a blurr would be appropriate. That doesn’t mean you’re dizzy. I better quit while ahead!!!


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