Suitably mysterious?

img060 (2)My latest novel is the third in a series of genealogical mysteries; in the first, Radwinter, Thomas traces his ancestors back using on-line genealogical sites, looking at census returns and other archive materials. In Magick, Thomas continues his research and this time the trail leads him to 1840’s Australia and a convict sentenced to transportation for life for the murder of his own brother.  In the third part, Thomas is looking closer to home, to the 1940’s and 50’s. Because his family went through a whole series of difficulties, a brother lost at sea, another in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, moving house, falling on hard times, upset and disaster, there are few personal records, only a few photos which Thomas is trying to make sense of and work out the root of the tragedy which beset the previous generation.

I am trying to find a picture to use as a cover for the book… and not necessarily this one, but a genuine photograph from the time, accidentally blurred and indistinct… I think this maybe an idea I can work on!

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