Dressing up in 1938

When I was a child I loved looking at my mum’s old photos of when she was a child. I particularity liked the photos of her and her sister messing about with their big cousins; their cousins were much older than them, my mum and sister were only in their early teens and their dashing cousins were in their twenties. What nice young men they were to be so kind to their young cousins!

I had this image of the two brothers as being handsome and fun, full of larks… I only ever met the younger one when I was about twenty and he was well into his sixties. We went to visit him and his wife and their two boys who were a similar age to me and my sister. He was a charming man, but he was small, not tall, and he was bald and grey! A lovely man, but not the person I was expecting!


img064 (2)What a great dressing up box they had with fez’s and turbans, bald wigs and policeman’s outfits!

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