A year ago today I published ‘Radwinter’ a genealogical mystery. I had been planning to write some sort of story about a family exploring its history, and I’d also been planning to write about a family of four, or maybe five different brothers… the two ideas came together in November 2013, and the Radwinter family emerged. It ended up with four brothers, with the youngest one telling the story. It was one of those extraordinary writing experiences,when the words just seemed to pour out… and I finished it, edited, it, revised it, completed it and published it on February 14th 2014.

There were several threads to the story, family history, family relationships, the breakdown of a marriage, the start of a new life… and as there was a romantic element I chose St Valentine’s Day to publish it.

Little did I realise when I launched ‘Radwinter’ on Kindle, that within a couple of weeks I would be writing a sequel… I’d never written a follow-on story before, and had never anticipated ever doing so. That sequel was ‘Magick’, which was the history of the maternal line of the Radwinter boys, and also the search for a missing daughter, and a tussle over the custody of a small child. ‘Magick’ appeared on Amazon in September 2014, and now a year to the day that the first book was published I’m coming to the end of the third part of the Radwinter story, ‘Raddy and Syl’. This third or maybe final part concerns the parents of the four brothers, Edward who was born in 1933 and went missing in 1982, and Sylvia who was born in 1937 and died in 1998.

I’m not sure what will come next… I’m not saying there won’t be a fourth part to the story… but I think I need to let my brain and imagination have a bit of a rest!



My other books: Farholm, The Stalking of Rosa Czekov, Loving Judah, night vision, Flipside:

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