It’s here!

At last!! The long-awaited new album from the Mavericks! It’s called Mono as you can see from my featured image, and there are twelve tracks, all written by Raul Malo, on his own and in collaboration with others. Not only has he written them all, he sings, plays electric and acoustic guitars, piano and percussion, and has co-produced the album too! A many of many amazing talents!

There are four members of the band; alongside Raul there is Paul Deakin, Eddie Perez and Jerry Dale McFadden. The band is supported by a group of amazing musicians known as the Fantastic Four, Michael Guerra, Max Abrams, Paul Armstrong and Jay Weaver.

My cd arrived in the post today and I was so excited, excited and almost nervous about hearing it for the first time. There have been excerpts and preview available, but I have resisted listening to any of them, not even the tiniest little snippet… so every song will be new to me! Whenever a new album arrives, it takes a few plays before I’m able to sort out the songs I really like… and sometimes it takes more than a few plays to really appreciate some of them.

Luckily for me I will be able to hear some of them live soon as the Mavericks are on tour at the end of February, beginning of March!



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