An amusing way to present boiled fowl

The National Mark Cookery Calendar was produced in the 1930’s and considering it is eighty years old, much of it has really stood up well to the passage of time and is as relevant and useful and pertinent as it was when it was written.

However… some of the text seems to have lost something in the transition from 1935 to 2015… I have read this recipe a couple of times and still can’t see why it is an amusing way to present boiled fowl!!

Boiled Fowl with Spinach

  • National Mark boiling fowl
  • National Mark spinach
  • White sauce
  • 1 National Mark egg
  • butter
  1. This is a rather amusing way of presenting boiled fowl!
  2. Cut it up after it has boiled and let the pieces cook for a few minutes in a little butter. Drain them very carefully, lay them in a dish, and pour over them some good white sauce, flavoured and coloured with spinach (boiled and then drained and passed through a hair sieve, if not a cloth
  3. You could garnish the dish with rounds of hard-boiled egg

Can you see why this would be amusing?



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