Glasgow… Mavericks… 2013

Two years ago a gang of us went up to the beautiful city of Glasgow to see the Mavericks… They are in Glasgow again tonight, February 28th 2015, but here is a little memory of our fun time last time…

I’ve just returned from a magical few days in Glasgow, which I now realise is a city in which dreams really can come true. I posted yesterday that I was off to see the Mavericks in concert as part of the Celtic Connections celebration in Glasgow, and going with and meeting up with some dear friends. I knew the gig would be tremendous and I just hoped that I might have the opportunity to meet up with a couple of guys… Imagine my delight when we spotted this charmer!

Mr Robert Reynolds looking mighty fine!
Mr Robert Reynolds looking mighty fine!
One of the most talented singers,  song-writers, producers, performers in the world… Mr Raul Malo

The concert was fantastic, but more of that another time; we met up with the band afterwards and Raul bought me a drink; someone remarked that surely this was the wrong way round, his fans should be the ones doing the buying… not according to Raul. What a gracious man.. I was so lucky to sit with him for a few minutes and speak to him as I enjoyed the Highland Park he had bought me.

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