Just like Eddie

Everybody who ever meets Eddie Perez of the Mavericks just adores him…. here is something I wrote a couple of years ago:

The Mavericks have been around for quite a while and like good wine they have just matured with age. Sometimes the recipe has changed a little, there were a number of lead guitarists who plaid with them in the 90’s, David Lee Holt,  Ben Peeler and Nick Kane but at the beginning of the new millennium they appeared with a new and very sparkly star, Eddie Perez. The Mavericks have been on tour in the UK and we went to see them at Plymouth; each time I go to a gig I think it is the best ever and cannot be surpassed, and each time I’m wrong because the next is better!


Eddie has played with many famous and great musicians and singers before becoming a maverick. He is an amazing and unbelievably  talented maestro of the guitar, but his wonderful personality comes out when he performs. There are a lot of big characters in the Mavericks and Eddie is a big character too, specialising in extraordinary and stylish shoes… among other things!! He is a very interesting person to talk to and always has time for fans, chatting, signing autographs and having his photo taken.



  1. Bonnie Mash

    Eddie is a very charming guy, he has a lot of charisma. He and Raul work well together, this is the fun part of being in a fan club, we get to ooo and ahh over them not to mention love them!! 🙂

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