My son commented the other day on how much stuff we have in the kitchen; well it’s because we do a lot of cooking… actually we did go through the cupboards and drawers a little while ago and threw out loads of things. When i say threw out, we actually sent everything we could to the charity shop and only the really old and obsolete items actually went in the bin. So when I bought a soup maker the other day, I really wondered what he might say.

I used to be hopeless at making soups, and in awe of people like my husband’s cousin who conjure the most delicious soups from the scraps left in the fridge. Then through perseverance I mastered it, and became quite good at making soup. However there was always so much mess in the kitchen afterwards; pans, blenders, sieves, spoons, spatulas, jugs…

I was in a small department store in town and there was a soup maker on offer… I casually asked the shop lady about it and she told me she knew lots of people who had them, including the two owners of the store who used them almost every day and were highly delighted. After a bit of thought while I wandered around town, I went back and bought the bargain-price soup maker.

Today was the first time I used it. It looks a little like an electric kettle but bigger, and attached to the inside of the lid is a blade, quite a small blade. I followed the instructions carefully, roughly chopped a leek and a parsnip and a clove of garlic, added some stock, pepper, and topped it up with water to the correct mark, put the lid on, pressed the button… and twenty minutes later, soup! I have to say I was amazed! I cleaned the jug, wiped the lid and blade and that was it, no other mess, no stuff everywhere, and delicious soup!!


    1. Lois

      I honestly thought it would end up in the back of the cupboard but it is really brilliant and so quick – did carrot soup yesterday, just chopped up carrots,a red onion, some garlic… twenty minutes fab soup! I think we’ll have celery today!


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