Treacle time

As children we always referred to Golden Syrup as treacle, and I still do,  which has led to some misunderstandings when I’ve been sharing recipes because most people think I mean molasses, which I don’t because if I did I would call it black treacle! It’s treacle tart, isn’t it, and treacle pudding and treacle sponge, isn’t it? The most famous treacle is made by Tate and Lyle and has a picture of a lion on the side of the tin from the Biblical story with the saying ‘out of the strong comes forth sweetness’. we used to have treacle on bread or toast instead of honey – I don’t know if honey was expensive or perhaps not as available, but we always had treacle – and it’s nice on porridge too!

The reason I mention treacle is that I feel as if I am wading through it at the moment. I have finished my latest novel, Raddy and Syl and I am editing it, cutting out all the extraneous words which I seem to feel compelled to include when I’m writing but are just waffle. I know I always do this, and I know that when I’m writing a story I’m not always sure where I’m going with it and may include stuff I want to slash out later, but  I really feel as if I’m struggling to get the task done. I know I have had a rotten cough and flu-like thing for the past ten days but I just don’t seem to be able to crack on! I’m so nearly done… I just have to get on with it!!


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