Mothering Sunday

I think I may have written about this before, but having had such a lovely day so far, I just want to write about it again! Mothering Sunday now seems to have been changed or merged with Mother’s Day, which I think is more of a commercial thing. Mothering Sunday has its origins in the church, where in the late middle ages people who had moved away to find work would return to their mother churches, the church of their family. it gradually changed to being the Sunday leading up to Easter when young serving girls could go home to see their mothers. On the way they would gather posies of spring flowers to give to their mums. This would be the fourth Sunday in lent, and the only day the Lenten fast could be broken, and when simnel cake would be eaten – simnel cake made with butter and eggs and fruit and marzipan! I haven’t got a simnel cake, but I have cards and presents from my family, and tonight we will go out and share a meal together!

Here is an article from 2013:

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